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July 2021

“Here I am, Lord”    Acts 9:10

Dear Friends,

Thank you does not adequately describe our gratefulness for each of you – your notes of encouragement, your promise of prayer, and your increasing donations for Truck of Love and Her Place. We pray in gratitude for you and your families as we write thank you notes. The other day we received a donation via PayPal of $1.33 with a note stating support for Her Place women’s shelter and pledging to send more money when possible. We have also received many stimulus amounts from several of you who say you don’t need it and you want this money to help someone who does need it. Here you are, Lord.

As soon as we think we know what we are doing we are surprised. Having surrendered to the idea of helping create a women’s shelter here in Rock Hill, we are still pulled back to the people who call us each day with needs that must be met now. So we stop and listen and try to be instruments in God’s hands. Here we are, Lord.

Pete recently had a call from a man who directed him to a wide dirt gulley at the end of a paved road where there were about 40 camper trucks scattered in a rough circle. Because the area sits lower than the surrounding terrain all the rain and waste water settles around the campers making it difficult to navigate and making it smell like a fetid sewer. There was no electricity, no running water, and no real roads. It appeared the trucks were stuck.

On this day Pete located Charlie and his family. They needed gas money so Charlie could look for work and they needed butane for cooking. When Pete had taken care of them they referred Pete to several other families in the circle who had similar needs.

In speaking with the families Pete found a repetitive theme: each family had landed here because of losing a job and then losing an apartment or house. Each family was fiercely independent often stating they had gotten themselves into this situation and they would get out. One woman called Pete after he’d given her some gas money and said: “I first thought you were just another do-gooder, but now I see you are just an old man who has a good heart and wants to help people. If you don’t mind I’m gonna tell some folks about you.” And so it goes – each day our phone rings and a voice says – “I heard you might help me”. Here you are, Lord.

As Pete spends his days filling the emergency needs in our area, Sue is navigating between the church Outreach Office and Her Place. As you may recall, after many years seeing the need for another women’s shelter in Rock Hill, Sue and some friends started serious discussions in November 2019. Knowing a women’s shelter fit within the mission of Truck of Love, Sue committed some limited financial assistance after calling on the Truck of Love Board of Directors who enthusiastically embraced the idea of the women’s shelter being the next logical step for Truck of Love.

Attempting to find a rental property where they might open the shelter, they discovered there were no homes that were sufficient for their dream. Then Sue was asked to look at a place that was for sale. Loving what she saw she called her partner, Regeana, to come take a look. This is when the dream became a reality. The home was perfect – sitting on ¾ acre with trees and two small cottages on the same property.

The pandemic settled in just as Truck of Love made an offer on the home. The following months of isolation enabled Truck of Love to file for variances and rezoning, find a contractor, engage an architect, and attend socially distanced city council meetings. Finally in March 2021 Truck of Love closed on the property.

In the meantime Truck of Love began a capital campaign and to date you amazing people have donated $370,000.00. Banks did not want to loan money to us so we have paid cash for the house; $175,000.00. We are on target to open in early 2022 debt free. Sue keeps telling people that we have enough to start, but not enough to finish. We have one main house and two cottages to renovate. Costs of materials keep escalating.

Sue wears two hats – she is Chairman of Truck of Love and President of Her Place. Truck of Love and Her Place have a memo of understanding that commits Truck of Love to purchase, renovate, and maintain the shelter property and Her Place to operate the shelter.

In the past month we have had two volunteer groups at Her Place to cut down bushes and remove tons of garbage that had been dumped over the past forty years – we removed tires, concrete blocks, and old furnishings. The yard is looking wonderful. We have also had meetings with sub-contractors for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, flooring, windows, window coverings, and fire suppression sprinklers. We’ve recently engaged the services of both civil and mechanical engineers to complete our proposal to submit to the city of Rock Hill for permitting. We’ve had TV, radio, and newspaper coverage.

This time next year we will be home to women who have been brutalized by society and have no place to go. Her Place will house them, nourish them with healthy foods, engage them in setting goals, assist them in any way each lady needs. We have dentists, doctors, optometrists, and pharmacists who want to help. We will provide a place where each woman can relax and rejuvenate. Where each woman can have the time and space to discover her gifts. Where each woman can learn how to be a part of a nurturing community. Where each woman can heal and become the person she is meant to be. Here we are, Lord.

God Bless You All,


Her Place 

We need your help. Cunstruction costs are escalating.

We need your prayers.

We need you to talk to friend who might have an interest in the project

We need volunteers for demolition, yard work, painting, and other odd jobs. If you want to be on our vulunteer list, just email or give us a call: 803-207-4078

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